Exploring Land Record Bihar: A Complete Guide

Land records are essential documents that provide information about land ownership, rights, and transactions. In Bihar, the process of maintaining land records has evolved over the years to facilitate easier access and transparency in land-related matters. This comprehensive guide will explore the land records system in Bihar, including its significance, online portals, key terminologies, and how to access and verify land records.

Significance of Land Records:
Land records play a crucial role in determining ownership, facilitating land transactions, resolving disputes, and preventing fraudulent practices. In Bihar, accurate and up-to-date land records are vital for ensuring transparency and efficiency in land-related dealings. The digitalization of land records has further enhanced accessibility and reduced the scope for discrepancies.

Online Portals for Land Records in Bihar:
The Government of Bihar has introduced several online portals to streamline the process of accessing land records. The following are the primary portals where individuals can view land records in Bihar:

  1. Bhulekh Bihar: This portal offers services related to land records, such as checking property details, online mutation, and viewing cadastral maps.

  2. Khasra Khatauni Bihar: This portal provides information on land holdings, survey numbers, and ownership details.

  3. LRC Bihar: The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Bihar, manages this portal, offering services for land mutation, land valuation, and online application tracking.

Key Terminologies in Bihar Land Records:
Understanding the terminology used in land records is essential for interpreting and verifying the information correctly. Here are some key terms commonly found in Bihar land records:

  1. Khata Number: It is a unique number assigned to each landholding for identification purposes.

  2. Khasra Number: This number identifies the specific parcel of land within a village or area.

  3. Mutation: It refers to the change in ownership or title of the property due to sale, inheritance, or partition.

  4. ROR (Record of Rights): ROR is a crucial document that contains details of landholding, ownership, tenancy, and other rights.

How to Access and Verify Land Records in Bihar:
Accessing and verifying land records in Bihar can be done online through the official portals mentioned earlier. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist individuals in checking land records:

  1. Visit the respective portal: Select the appropriate portal based on the specific land record information you require.

  2. Enter the details: Input the necessary details such as district, village, survey number, or owner's name to search for the land records.

  3. View the records: Once the details are entered, you can view the land records, including ownership details, mutation status, and other relevant information.

  4. Verify the information: Cross-verify the details mentioned in the land records with the actual property documents to ensure accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How can I check the status of my land mutation online in Bihar?
  2. You can check the mutation status online by visiting the Bhulekh Bihar portal and entering the required details to track the application status.

  3. What is the process for updating land records after a property transaction in Bihar?

  4. After a property transaction, the owner needs to apply for mutation through the online portal by submitting the necessary documents and paying the prescribed fee.

  5. Are land records in Bihar available in English or only in the regional language?

  6. While the primary language of land records in Bihar is Hindi, some online portals may offer translation services or options to view records in English.

  7. Is it possible to rectify errors in land records online in Bihar?

  8. Yes, individuals can apply for corrections or rectifications in land records online by submitting the required documents and following the prescribed procedures.

  9. How can I download a copy of my land records for official purposes?

  10. Most land record portals in Bihar allow users to download and print copies of land records for official use after verifying their identity and providing the necessary details.

In conclusion, understanding and accessing land records in Bihar is crucial for property owners, buyers, and sellers to ensure transparency and legality in land transactions. The digitization of land records has simplified the process of viewing and verifying land-related information, thereby promoting efficiency and reducing the scope for discrepancies. By leveraging the online portals and familiarizing oneself with the key terminologies and procedures, individuals can navigate the land records system in Bihar effectively.

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