4 Tips for Choosing the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved Ones

When choosing an assisted living facility for your parents, it’s important to choose the one that provides a loving, attentive, and homely environment. There are several factors you must evaluate to choose the best facility for your parents, some of them include:

1. Affordability

One of the most important factors in choosing the right assisted living facility for a loved one is the cost. You don’t want your parents to get used to a facility that’s too expensive to afford. Consult a financial planner to get a better idea about how your parents can pay for their assisted living home. 

This may require them to sell off some assets to cover the housing cost. If you plan to pay for the facility yourself, make sure to build a budget plan on how you’re going to make the payments. 

Next, make a list of the best assisted living centers in your area. Make sure to compare the costs and the facilities they provide. Let your parents visit these homes and choose the one that fits their preferences.

2. Read Reviews

One great way to check the quality of life an assisted living residence provides is to read online reviews. The last thing you’d want is to leave your loved one somewhere they’re not cared for. Reviews can help you filter out senior homes that must be avoided. Reviewers usually share everything from the quality of the food to the attitude of the staff. Moreover, reviews provide you the insight you probably won’t hear during a guided tour.

However, don’t make the decision solely based on the reviews. Once you’ve read the reviews and picked a few options, schedule a tour to see the facility yourself. It’s best to take your parents along. If the reviews are positive and you like the environment yourself, then you’ve probably found the best full care group home for your loved one.

3. Keep it Close to Home

To keep your loved one as close as possible, try to find an assisted living facility that’s near your home. The shorter the driver would be to the facility the easier it would be to visit your parents frequently. There are very few benefits of picking locations that are out of town unless there are other family members nearby. Remember that friends and family visits are extremely important for your parents to make them feel less lonely.

4. Talk to the Staff

When it comes to assisted living, the staff can make or break the living environment of the facility. Hence, when choosing the facility, make sure to talk to the staff. You’ll probably want the staff to treat your parents with the same care and attention as you. While this may be a high bar for the staff to meet, they must show a high level of respect and compassion for the elderly.

Employees who seem to love the work they do and have a positive attitude overall are likely to provide a loving environment for your parents. When touring the facility, make sure to pay attention to the employee's attitudes towards the residents, especially the ones who aren’t a part of the tour.

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