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Shift Dresses and Asymmetrical Dresses for Effortless Styling

by Ethan More

When it comes to dresses, women tend to look for unique styles and designs to stand out from the crowd, with minimal effort. A shift dress is among evergreen silhouettes when it comes to modern dresses for women. It is preferred by many because it does not have a specifically defined waistline and suits a range of body types.

The loosely fitted dress is tailored in various lengths and features various hemlines. It can contain different kinds of sleeves or be sleeveless. Asymmetrical dresses, meanwhile, are the rage today, with eye-catching, one-of-a-kind silhouettes that stand out.

For both types of dresses, it is interesting to observe how “simple” meets “elegant” meets “versatile.” You can elevate your look instantly with the ultra-comfortable shift dress or asymmetric dress.

Choose from A-line dresses, belted dresses, drape dresses, kaftan dresses and more, especially during the warmer months of the year when breathable fabrics, vibrant colours and loose, flowy silhouettes are the first choice.

Shift dresses for women

The history of the shift dress is roughly a hundred years, and even today, it is a hot favourite, especially among fashion-forward women. One of the main reasons behind it is that the wearer feels most at ease. After all, these silhouettes were once a “shift” away from the conservative dresses of the time when they were introduced in the early 20th century.

Shift dresses continue to morph into distinctive styles over the years. Today, they include strappy cami dresses, layered silk dresses, ruffled neck off-shoulder crepe dresses, basic silhouettes in knit fabrics, fringed and draped dresses, and it’s easy to pick out one which you can identify with the most. Don’t settle for a plain black or white shift dress; get creative with bold colours and prints.

Asymmetrical dresses

If you’re looking to try something new in the coming weeks, something experimental and which wouldn’t have crossed your mind till you saw it, it’s time to browse asymmetrical dresses. A dress that can be easily worn to any event and is a comfortable fit in day-to-day tasks too.

It’s a fabulous choice for brunches with friends, nights at the club, and romantic dinners with your significant other. Asymmetric dresses are often layered. Among these, they may have an elongated back and a shorter hem in front, or vice versa as in a high-low dress. 

While shift dresses make you look neat and organised without much effort, the aesthetics of asymmetric dresses bring out your unconventional, happy-go-lucky and fun side. You can pair both kinds of dresses with wedges, flat sandals or stilettos.

If you’re looking for flattering asymmetrical styles and shift dresses, discover one-of-a-kind pieces by celebrated designer labels from Ritu Kumar, Payal SInghal, Wendell Rodricks and more!

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